Advice on getting back to/started with first job and Refresher Course

  1. So, I'm sort of confused about where to start in how to go about getting my first job.
    I actually graduated from nursing school and passed the NCLEX in 2011. I was pregnant at the time and the plan was to get my first job after having my son. In the meantime, and military life being what it is, we ended up moving out of the country before that happened.
    5 years and another kid later, we're back in the States and my youngest is old enough that I'm wanting to get back into it.
    My license is in Texas but we live in Washington state. It's currently in inactive status so it wouldn't expire. My understanding is that since it's been less than 4 years in that status I just need to submit 20 hours of CE credits. No problem, but I've been out of it for so long I'm pretty sure I'll need a refresher course first. But in order to get the credits for that I need to finish the clinical portion and my license can't be inactive for that, right?
    Which leads me to my second question... Everything I've found makes it sound like trying to find a place to do the clinical portion is really hard. I mean, is the best approach to come at it from the place of finding employment with the place you do your clinicals at? I'm just really questioning if it's realistic that I can find a place that will retrain me 5 years out from the NCLEX and no LPN job experience.
    Anyone have experience with re-entering the field and/or a delayed start like me?
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