Advice on 2 job opportunities as a GN

  1. I am graduating in 8 days from an ADN program. I interviewed for a job in the IICU/ICU. I was told today I pretty well have the job even though they haven't made me an offer. I finished up my Role Transition today on a Renal/Oncology floor. As students we all went to a job fair at the hospital and interviewed with our top 3 choices of areas. I interviewed with the ICU, Renal/Oncology and the Ortho floor. Only the ICU called me for a 2nd interview. The director of the Renal/Oncology floor told me that they had not called me for an interview because all of the prospective students go into a 'draft' and the ICU gets first pick and I was taken off the table by them. The director of the Renal floor offered to interview me today in case I didn't want the ICU job I was guaranteed a job on Renal/Oncology.
    So my question is this. What are the major advantages or disadvantages to the ICU vs. the floor? I know that the IICU has a 3:1 and the ICU has a 2:1 patient/nurse ratio and on the floor I had up to 6 patients. I love the renal/oncology floor, its hard work but it is rewarding. I have never been in the ICU and I don't really know what to expect. Both are 7p-7a jobs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as to which I should take. If it helps I am in North Texas.
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