accelerated BSN pre-requisites... need advice and help

  1. Hello all,
    I'm considering going into nursing school. I'm presently studying MS in Pharmacology. Since I took 4 yrs off school after my undergrad degree in pharmacy (I earned it outside USA in year 2000), the nursing schools are asking me to complete a ton of pre-requisites.
    I'm really interested (in fact desperate) in joining an accelerated BSN program in Fall 2007 or Winter 2008. Is there any hope for me? I already have statistics, biochemistry and medical physiology requirements taken care of, but nothing other than this.
    I would like to know if there are any schools for accelerated BSN programs with the least possible prerequisites needed in order to get in, and what are they?

    Thank you for your time and attention.

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  3. by   arciedee
    Most nursing programs do require certain pre-reqs that are the basis of many of your nursing course, particulary A&P and microbiology. I'm not sure if you've had to take any such courses as part of your prior degrees. They do help when it comes to nursing, so they aren't just requiring these to be difficult... they want you to have a strong basis to build upon. That being said, I assume from your background and the courses that you have taken that you may actually have a lot of that information without having taken the specific courses.

    I do know that my program (which is a direct-entry generalist MSN program, not a BSN program) highly recommends certain pre-reqs, but the only true requirement is stats. I know there are people in my class who got in without having all of them completed and they all seem to be doing well. If you are interested in knowing more about it, feel free to PM me. Otherwise I would continue to look around at different schools you are interested in and check their requirements. See what you might be able to take prior to starting (some schools will admit you provisionally as long as you complete those courses prior to starting school), others may allow you to count the courses you do have towards their requirements. Good luck.
  4. by   FLAgal14
    Check out this website and look specifically for accerelated BSN schools:

    You can usually link directly to the schools website to look a the prerequisites. Good luck!
  5. by   arciedee
    I just wanted to update my previous post to note that my school is no longer just "highly recommending" their pre-reqs. I noticed the change on our program's website and a professor mentioned it today. Based on students' and professors' feedback they are now requiring A&P I&II, micro, and stats. This is because those pre-reqs really are necessary for success in the program. Our first semester we are in a pathophysiology/pharmacology course and you really do end up playing catch-up if you are not familiar with the material (and even if you have had it you end up having to go back over the old textbooks to refresh your knowledge). I think this is why most pre-reqs are just that: required.
  6. by   jjjoy
    If you don't mind my asking, why jump into a BSN program just as you finish up your MS in Pharmacology? Or are you planning to drop out of the Pharmacology program? Given your background, I'm sure you've got the know-how to succeed in nursing school, but I'm curious what about pharmacology is prompting you want to start again in a new but somewhat related field? Is it possible to give yourself more time? With your bachelor's degree, you should be able to get a decent paying job while you finish out pre-reqs.

    It's a definite pain to have to retake courses you took in the past. If you give yourself more time to prepare, though, you might be able to find a program that will accept your previous studies or let you test out or the like. Waiting another year can feel like a lifetime but it may give you time really choose a program that's right for you and be as prepared as possible. Rushing into just any program might leave you yet again in the middle of studies you're not happy with.

    I do wish you the best in your pursuits!!
  7. by   NJfutureRN
    email me someone who knows the BSN prerequisites classes , please someone who clyrifies my questions

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