A bit of an interviewing conundrum...

  1. I am currently working as a nurse extern in a busy ER in Dallas and am scheduled to graduate with my BSN on Dec. 16th.

    When I started nursing school, I wanted to work in L&D or NICU... I had never really thought about working in the ER, but now that Ive been there for about 5 months, I love it and cant imagine working elsewhere.

    When I applied for positions, of course I applied to the ER where I am now, but I also applied to L&D and NICU just in case (I didnt want to be overly confident and end up without a job!)

    My problem is that interviews at my hospital are set up during two days in a big room on campus... all of the nurse managers are there and applicants go to whichever table their interview is scheduled at. The nurse recruiter scheduled me for back to back interviews (ER first, then L&D-- NICU apparently didnt have spots available because they hire internally from their dept first, then look at other applicants). Im a little concerned about my ER nurse manager seeing me walk from her table over to L&D immediately afterward (especially since the clinical aspect of each dept is so different)

    In addition, I am a little worried about interviewing for a job that Im not really interested in anymore... Sure, Id be thrilled to get to work in L&D if the ER didnt hire me, but its not where I *really* want to be... Im not so comfortable "pretending" that I reallyreally want this position to get a job offer.

    Im probably just paranoid because my hospital seems to be doing their interviews later than any other hospital and many of my classmates already have several job offers (it probably would have been wise of me to apply for more positions at different hospitals, but the past is the past and there isnt much I can do about that now) There is no reason my current NM wouldnt want me... Ive only gotten positive feedback and I work well with the staff (plus Ive already been "trained" on the flow of the department, the MD/RN personalities, etc).

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