3 year Lpn relocating to Charlotte Nc

  1. I am a lpn with 3 years experience from Pennsylvania, wanted to relocate to the city of Charlotte with my fiance. He has no knowledge of healthcare, although he is from Charlotte. I am looking for any and all information on getting my licence in NC, companies currently hiring, what is the pay for lpn's so i can see what type of rental home we can afford, as i dont want to buy cause I don't know if i will stay there forever yet, as i looked at Virginia state also to be closer to my aging mother. Mainly I have been a charge nurse in Rehab, long term care, and a charge nurse for a Psych facility. Also would like to go back to school to get my RN and would be interested if any company pay tuition reimbursement, and how does it work?? Also if I have to pay myself the cheapest and effective way to obtain it. I KNOW THIS IS ASKING A LOT BUT THIS IS A BIG STEP, AND I NEED TO PREP PRIOR TO ASAP...I would like to be moved by next may so time is clicking....Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Asouliotis
    Did you ever get a response? And did you move? I'm also moving from Pennsylvania to Charlotte