"Breaking in" to L&D

  1. I have been a nurse for 2 years. Coming out of nursing school, I wanted to do L&D but there were no jobs for new grads. Now I feel like I've got a better shot, and I just helped deliver my friend's baby which solidifed my decision, but I don't know how to start. Every single job listing for L&D requires L&D experience. Same for postpartum and antepartum units. The only one i can find is an RN Residency program that is designed for new grads (where were they when I graduated??), and they only take 2 nurses a year.

    Since graduation, I've worked bone marrow transplant, pediatric psych, corrections, and elementary school. (Some of these jobs were simultaneous). I can't leave school/ corrections until June... I'm trying to plan ahead!

    Any advice on how to approach this? There has to be SOME way to become an L&D nurse, right...?
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  3. by   slrn
    L&D can be hard to break into. You might look for a position on a OB/GYN floor first (not the same as L&D I know, but they often have the same NS manager Once the manager knows you're a good employee you'll have your in. You can be upfront with the manager from the beginning. Just let them know your ultimate goal is L&D once you have gotten your feet wet on the OB/GYN floor.

    Good Luck