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nursing (basic) information consultancy


I am currently working alongside Doctors and Nurses in Europe - developing a framework, as a project, for assisting such Health Professionals manage their information requirements, such as:

Professional Development (available courses, study techniques, using new technology, etc.), general educational interest (from basic IT usage, presentation and so on, onto 'higher' learning techniques) and sourcing, and presenting expert information.

My questions are:

Can anyone recommend any one (individual or group) operating anywhere in the world who are addressing 'the simple problems' that many Health Professionals face today? - anyone providing a tailormade service for the Health Professional coming from a place where the 'information situation' is just 'getting worse'... - a tailormade service that offers a 'information management consultant' / 'super secretary' / 'personal tutor'?

..or do such people exist?

...any recommendations or comments most welcome

T. K.

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