what are the tasks of the nurses in Australia

  1. Hello

    We are three Dutch Nursing students.
    At this moment we're busy with an international program.
    We have to find out the difference between the Dutch Nursing system
    and the Australian one. We hope you can give us some information about
    the Health Care in your country. For our assignment we have to answer
    the following questions:

    1 Which functions (for example; hierarchical, differential and
    specialistic) are there to be found within the Nursing
    profession? And how often do these functions appear?
    In Holland we've got for example diabetic nurses, nurses who are
    specialized in AIDS-Prevention, etc....

    2 Which important tasks belong to each of the functions (see
    question number 1)?
    In Holland the nurses work with an patient-related-care-system.
    This means that the're responsable for the "totale" care of one
    ore more patients, for example; giving medications,washing the
    patient , cleaning wounds, etc..

    3 Are there formal 'function-profiles' for nurses? Could you send us
    one or two or more?

    We hope you understand our questions, we appologise for our english
    because it's not that good.... We're hoping to hear from you soon..


    Cora, Martine and Naomi

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