Nurse Health & Wellbeing Survey

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    Sounthern Cross University sent me this, Nurse Health & Wellbeing Survey they had got a grant from the Department of Health and Ageing to conduct a study the health and well being of Healthcare professionals.

    Link to do the survey,

    Calling all Australian Nurses

    Nurse Health & Wellbeing Survey

    Welcome to the nurse's health and well being survey. This survey is being conducted by Southern Cross University with a grant from the Department of Health & Ageing. The survey provides Australian nurses with the opportunity to respond to a series of questions which will help to determine the health and wellbeing of nurses, both enrolled and registered nurses are encouraged to participate.

    Please also forward this email on to your nursing friends and colleagues.

    Go to to access survey

    The purpose for the survey is to collect data on Nurse's Health & Wellness; currently there is little research into the health and wellbeing of Australian nurses and this survey is the first step towards gaining valuable information about how we feel about our own health and wellbeing, as well as determine the extent of chronic illness amongst nurses.

    This survey is anonymous and we hope that as many nurses as possible are able to take part. We would appreciate it if you could forward this information on to your nursing colleagues and encourage them to also participate.

    All responses from the survey remain confidential. Analysis of the results of the survey will be used to determine whether nurses require any additional support for their own health and wellbeing status. The results of the survey may also be included in Conference Papers and/or Journal Articles and may be used to support further research and/or grant proposals.

    Please forward this email on to your nursing colleagues. Additionally, if you belong to a nursing organisation/association, we would really appreciate it if you could ask them to forward this email to their members; the more nurses who respond, the better the information that we can gather.
    For more information go to to access survey

    If you have any questions or require any further information please contact us;

    Kay Ross
    Health and Human Sciences
    Southern Cross University

    Dr Jennie Barr
    Director of Higher Degree Research Training
    Health and Human Sciences
    Southern Cross University
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