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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a third year Nursing student and just starting to prepare for new graduate applications etc. for next year. I am looking to mainly try for a job at the inner city hospitals (I understand how competitive it will be too).

    I have a broad understanding of the application process but I would just like to know more about the interview itself.

    It is my understanding that you are asked a few general questions like any interview and then asked 5 nursing-specific questions and they mark your score out of how well you answered them?
    I believe there's some priority/triage questions too, could anyone give me examples that they've come across?

    Thanks for your help
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  3. by   Happy Wombat
    Relative of a patient wanted to speak to you, a patient pressed the call bell and another patient had a fall. How will you prioritize and why?

    The scenario questions will be related to the kind of hospital you apply for. (General hospitals, children, women, mental health.)

    Best of luck with your application for the new grad program!!
  4. by   imaginations
    Your university should be able to provide you with practice questions (there is a common scheme and format of the questions asked across NSW Health) and a general guide to answering them. Practice practice practice your answers and have responses prepared for that can be flexed and fitted to the different categorise of questions (prioritising care, OH&S, behavioural, 'tell me about yourself' etc) with appropriate e.g.s for each.
  5. by   Sam20
    Thanks for your help. Any specific examples of questions that you could share?

  6. by   imaginations
    My interview was several years ago now and is blurred in my memory with a very similar interview I did in third year for an AIN position in the same facility. There were six questions (I believe this was standard then, I don't know how the process has changed).

    - The first asked about me, my background and why I wanted the position
    - There was at least one prioritisation of care question (e.g. you have three patients; one has a low blood sugar, one is being called for theatre and the third, with acute asthma, has dropping SpO2 - how would you manage this situation?)
    - A question about how you would manage a specific case of workplace bullying / poor workplace culture
    - A question about how you would manage another nurse's poor practice (e.g. not washing their hands / using gloves appropriately)
    - A question about appropriate PPE for a certain circumstance

    Once again, your university should provide you with practice questions, hospitals will be having information evenings where you can ask these sorts of questions and past grads in the hospitals that you are interested in will have better recollection of what they were asked and the types of answers you should be thinking about.

    To stand out from the crowd (and there will be a crowd) you need to do your research and prepare will for your interview. It's the point on which you will be selected for your ideal graduate job or dismissed from the recruitment pool.