2013 RPA Graduate Nurses

  1. Hi all,

    Wanting to get into contact with other 2013 grads starting at RPA (or the other Sydney Local Health District hospitals!)
    I'm moving down from the Gold Coast for this position - can't wait to get my start date!!!

    Congratulations to all of those who have been successful in gaining a position, NSW or interstate
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  3. by   Mopples
    Hi, I received an offer from RPA today. Ill be starting in the August intake. I have lived in the local area around there for 8.5 years, so feel free to ask any questions
  4. by   Mallory11
    Hi Mopples - congratulations! I saw in other threads you missed out on your first preference, great to hear you've been offered a position

    I spoke to RPA this afternoon and they said Ive been allocated to the May intake but it's not final yet...I think I'd prefer February just to get everything going but it doesn't really bother me either way

    I've heard it's terribly hard to break into the Sydney rental market..as in to get a lease I'd be competing with so many other people!? I'd like to live Inner West if I can, was looking at Stanmore, Marrickville, Newtown etc..reckon there's much chance of me finding other nurses/junior doctors to share with??

    Once again, congrats! Thanks for your help.
  5. by   Mopples
    They havent "officially" said which intake I am in, but since I dont finish till June, August is the only one I can go on!

    Im sure you will be able to find a share situation. Have a look on gumtree, or put an add on there. I am in Dulwich Hill, on the boarder with Lewisham/Petersham and its getting pricer around here as well. It is easy to get to RPA from here, I just get the 428 bus, there is also the 426 and 423. You could even look at Tempe/St Peters. The 422 goes straight down King Street to there, its not far.

    There seems to be a lot of converted houses with studios/1 bedders, and occasionally they come up. Im not sure if it would help to contact a few agents to see what availability they may have.
  6. by   Mallory11
    Will definately start checking out the share situation once I get my official start date..I'm kind of looking forward to a break if I get May, am planning a trip to North America in case that's what happens!
  7. by   Mopples
    My husband and I are also planning a trip. 5.5 weeks, with time in the UK, then over to Eastern Europe.

    I have started talking to people about the wards, it's going to be such a hard choice with what to put as preferences.
  8. by   AmyA-B
    Hey, I've also received an offer for RPA
    Hoping to get the April intake as my partner gets back from Afghanistan in March, so fingers crossed!
    We were lucky enough to get an apartment in Annandale through defence housing, so RPA is just up the road.
    Have you been sent any info about start dates/contracts yet?
  9. by   Mallory11
    Hi Amy!
    I called last week and they said contracts are being written by HR right now and will be sent within 2-3 weeks. You can call them up and ask which intake you are down for, or just wait and see I guess

    99% sure I'm May, so now I'm trying to decide what to do! Move to Sydney early and find work (AIN perhaps..can you recommend any reputable nursing agencies? Or maybe I'll go back to Woolies/Maccas for a few months!) or go travelling! Big decision!

    Let me know what you end up getting I really hope to be starting in CCU or cardiology!
  10. by   AmyA-B
    Hey Mallory
    Oh good, I can't wait to get all the information! It's all very exciting. I know what you mean, lots of decisions...I'm afraid I don't know any nursing agencies, I'm very new to Sydney. Perhaps you could try some of the hospitals or nursing homes for AIN work, or even as an RN? Worth a try. But of course travelling sounds like the best option! I know that's what I'd want to do haha.

    I sent an email asking if I could get into the April intake, and it was forwarded on to the graduate nurse coordinators and they said they'd put me on a list of some other people who had requested particular intakes, so I assume that meant I hadn't been given the April one initially. I can't even remember which preferences I put for rotations! I'm happy to try any areas, just glad I got in
  11. by   Mopples
    I have just signed up with Medical Staff. I haven't had a shift yet, so I'm not sure what they are really like to work with. I'm doing it to earn extra money for my holiday.

    You could also apply directly to the hospitals to work as an UAIN.

    Keep in touch, if you have any questions about Sydney etc, feel free to get in contact
  12. by   xanxan
    hi...what is RPA?

  13. by   Mopples
    Royal Price Alfred Hospital. It's in Camperdown, in Sydney.
  14. by   Mallory11
    Thanks for that Mopples, I'm gonna start calling a few agencies this week..I've worked agency up here on the Coast but they don't want to keep me on as an AIN once I'm registered and they won't take me as an RN because I have no experience yet!

    Do you own a car mopples? I don't think I wanna keep mine, I'd rather find somewhere to live close to a train line..only thing I'm worried about is grocery shopping?

    Would you feel safe leaving RPA after a PM shift and heading to the train/bus?? Whenever I've visited Sydney I've always found the public transport great and I figure if I'm living Inner West, the majority of places I'm going to need to get to will be close by..