2013 RPA Graduate Nurses - page 3

Hi all, Wanting to get into contact with other 2013 grads starting at RPA (or the other Sydney Local Health District hospitals!) I'm moving down from the Gold Coast for this position - can't wait... Read More

  1. by   Mopples
    I ended up putting the area of 'bone, joint & connective tissue', then specifying the Rheumatology ward, so will wait and see

    Have you tried the hospital accommodation? I know it won't be flash, but it will help you get on your feet for a few weeks?
  2. by   Mopples
    How are we all going? The first intake is about to start!

    Just about to start my final semester with 8 weeks placement (4 weeks icu, 2 weeks obstetrics & 2 weeks chronic & complex). This will be followed by 6 weeks in Europe before I start on 12 August.
  3. by   ceridwyn
    Have fun, sounds like an interesting next semester, followed by a great holiday>!!
  4. by   Mopples
    Yep, really looking forward too the prac. Have just finished my final residential school & it was fantastic. Our lecturer showed us that we really did know something!

    The trip will be exciting and interesting, we are off around Eastern Europe.
  5. by   haleyj23
    Wow mopples u have really long placements! Im about to start my final yr and have to do interviews etc. Hoping to put RPA as my first preference, any tips or advice?
  6. by   whitey26
    Hey guys,
    I also got my new grad at Rpa. I guess I'll be seeing you on the 30th! Best of luck finding a place to stay, I Think we are all in the same boat for now.
  7. by   Mallory11
    Im getting so excited!! Starting my house hunt in Sydney next week!
    Good luck with your final semester, you will rock it!!

    Anyone know anything about annual leave during the program? I'm assuming it's two weeks after the first rotation then two weeks at the end of the program?

    Also, anyone know anything about how easy it will be to swap shifts to have several days off in a row? My boyf lives in NZ and I'm trying to work out how often we can see each other with trips back and forth across the Tasman! Hopefully he's moving here later in the year though

    Look forward to meeting you all!
  8. by   Mopples
    It generally depends on the ward, the num and the skill mix per shift. As for annual leave, the new grads at work tend to take a block of theirs towards the end.

    Being on a 7 day rotating roster, we will accrue 6 weeks min. You get more depending on how many Sundays you work through the year, up to 7 weeks in total. If you go to the nsw health page, do a search for 'rates of pay' and it should bring up links to the full award.
  9. by   Sam20
    Hi there, everyone

    For the people who are working/worked at RPA I just have a few questions.

    I'm in my final year of nursing now and looking to apply to places when they open up. I'm most interested in RPA I think.

    How were the staff with treating new grads? Were they open to educating you etc?
    What wards did you end up working on?
    (Don't answer this if you don't want to) - What is the starting salary (approx.) for new grads at RPA?

  10. by   Mopples
    I have had pretty good experiences at RPA. I had two educators on my first ward as the first one went on maternity leave. They were all very supportive etc. there are 3 graduate coordinators and they are fantastic as well.

    I started my second rotation today, so not much feedback on the second ward.

    The pay for a new grad or RN1 is $27.97 base. You get 12.5% loading for afternoons, 15% for nights. Saturdays are paid at hourly x 1.5, Sundays hourly x 1.75 and public holidays at 2.5 or 1.5 plus accrue an extra annual leave day. It's the same pay for all nsw public hospitals.

    You get 6 weeks annual leave, possibly up to 7 depending on the Sundays that you work and you get an ado every 4 weeks.
  11. by   Sam20
    OK great! That helps a lot, thank you.

    What ward are you on now? Still deciding where would be best. I think I want to end up in ED but I might try and get experience on a surgical ward as I enjoyed it on a placement.