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Im pretty new to the forum. Currently finishing up 6 more prereqs At GPC-Online/DunwoodyCampus then I can start my application processing for the Nursing program. My question is for those who have already been accepted or currently in the nursing program. Back in 2007, I received a D in my PYSC 2103 (Human Growth & Development). My question to you all is Do you think I should continue on with my Pre-reqs and make sure I maintain A's and B's OR Retake this specific class so I can have a better chance in getting into the program.One of the advisor told me not to worry about it but I wanted to apply to other schools as well and Im thinking I need to retake it to be safe. Any guidance? Help? and or Thoughts are greatly appreicated, I hope everyone is having an awesome day!

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All prereqs have to be passed with a C or higher I suggest retaking it!


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Thank you, I was thinking the same thing so I will get it out the way, Thanks for your reply : )