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Hi, I am writing an assignment for a 72yo male presented to hospital unable to ambulate more than 10 steps increasing breathless, Greek, carer cant speak english, family presure (father needs care). past h# hypertension, eleveated serum cholesterol, ex smoker 30 per day 40 years, quit 10 years ago. Cant get to his garden anymore, is sick of being ill, has children 8 and 16 years. is on loop diuretic, potassium, ACE inhibitor and has just commenced on GTN spray. to manage chest pain.

2 Functional health patterns I can choose is

health perception - health maintenance pattern (ineffective therapeutic regimen management )

values and belief pattern

role relation ship pattern (iuneffective role strain) i did choose risk of as it sounds like it is already happening

with the nursing problem I though it would be ineffective health management due to ineffective therapeutic regimen as he is not compliant with his diet etc as viewed by the nurse re use of salt, and that maybe the carer and patient are not understanding what they need to do with health issues and medication compliance..

and caregiver role strain within the role-relationship pattern

do you think I am on the right track, and with the nursing problem we have to relate it back to the above.

thanks Linda

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