Nursing Application Essay



Im currently trying to apply to a second degree accelerated nursing program. I'm a little stuck on the essay part of the application. I want to expand the essay as I'm still 200 words under the word count maximum, but I'm not sure where to do so. If you could offer any tips!

Thanks in advance

Essay Question: In 350 words or less, answer the following question: As a future nurse, what do you think you will contribute to nursing?

Being able to deal with diversity is a important part of a nurses life. Patients may come from different cultures and methods of treatment may thus change based on that. Over the past year since I graduated from Ohio State University with a Biological Sciences degree, I have been traveling around not just the United States for work, but also around the World. I have constantly been interacting with people from vastly different cultures and backgrounds in a wide array of settings. For example, I was able to volunteer in clinics and hospitals in both Malawi, Guatemala and the United States. In additon, when traveling, you have to be able to think quickly and adjust to changing situations. These skills that traveling has taught me would be beneficial in the the nursing field where every day at work is a changing situation. words or less, what do you