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I have currently completed my Bsc.(biology) and have decided to go back to school (college) for nursing. I was wondering, due to the such shortage in nursing these days, by the time I graduate (3yrs from now) will there still be a an immese amount of jobs left? Also, how is the nursing scene in the united states, any suggestions....where is it better to work, Canada or the States. I don't know if I've made the right decsion in going into this field. I need some input about this career.

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There will indeed be many job openings in nursing in 3 years and for many years to come; the average age of nurses now is between 44 and 46 years old (depending on your source), and they are predicting that by the year 2010, 40% of the nurses working now will be retiring- that is, if they don't force us into mandatory overtime AT retirement! Just joking! ;-) LOL!!! Nursing has such a variety of work settings that if you don't like one area, you may be deleriously happy in another area-- not just hospitals vs. home care, but also ortho vs. NICU. And I think that we will see some positive changes occuring in the near future in salary, work place, media, and public opinion. The important thing is that nurses must be involved in our own destiny; and that means we must take charge of where nursing is going and make those changes happen.

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