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My resume is as follows:

- Bachelor of Science - 3.1 GPA from T.C.U. in 2007

- Licensed Massage Therapist - Over 1,000 hours of clinical application

in a Chiropractic setting(Parker College of Chiropractic)

- Over 70 volunteer hours in local hospitals Physical Therapy Department.

- Special Olympics Class-A Volunteer and Certified Basketball Coach.

- Currently working to complete A&PII, Chemistry, MicroB, Developmental

Pscyh, Statistics, Medical Term and Sociology with mainly A's.

I am a 27 year old male attending the Univ. of Texas at Arlington(UTA); second degree seeking student. I have a huge passion to help people as I feel it applies true relevance and importance to a profession and have decided that Nursing is the career choice for me.

I am planning to work my way into the ICU and maintain a role in critical care for a minimum of two years before deciding to progress my education towards Nurse Practitioner or CRNA status.

My first degree was in Radio/TV/Film and I received it from TCU in 2007(BS). My GPA was a 3.1 - I am currently in the process of completing pre-req courses in the required sciences and aiming for no less than a 3.75 GPA within these courses.

Being that I am 27 years of age, time is of the essence for establishing financial security and myself within a career path.

UTA offers a 15 months online based AP-BSN program; all upper division course work can be completed within the 15 month period.

I have recently learned that because I do not have Chemistry, A&PII or MicroBiology completed, I will not be eligible for acceptance/entry into upper division course work until Spring of 2012.(Fall admission's deadline is this Jan 2010). As a result of this I have been researching other programs within the state/country and looking to find the quickest possible route to entering a BSN program and completing it.

It looks as if Texas Tech's University of Health Science Center offers an online 12 month BSNs, but you are required to live in Abiline for the 12 month period... They also offer a 12 month program for Austin(which would be ideal), but it does not start up until Spring.

I may also have an easy way into TCU's AP BSN program because of my previous degree, but their application deadline for Fall is a week away - so I've been placing calls trying to figure out my chances. Likely slim.

At any rate, I am asking for your advice. Whether you are an RN with 20 years experience or another person trying to fight their way into school, your advice will be greatly honored and appreciated.

Suggestions on the quickest paths to gaining your RN around the country?

Countrywide Schools/Programs with the easiest access/acceptance rates?

Pro's/Con's of going LVN - RN rather than waiting for BSN?

Should I go CNA now to help my chances of acceptance?

Should I volunteer with Hospice on top of working with Special Olympics?

If I could complete an Associates Degree quicker than the BSN, should I?

Lastly, should I be sweating this? Or, should I realisically be able to get accepted somewhere either next Fall or Spring?

Thank you so much for any advice...

- J

Is it going to be easier for me to get accepted somewhere because I am a male? Or, will that factor not play into school's selections?

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