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I go to a community college and have a 3.354 GPA 48 teas test did not go so well i made a composite score of 69%(the science part got me)

i applied to UTMB for spring 2011 what do you think my chances are?

if i apply to TWU or UT austin for nursing and take the teas again, will it help my admission?

My GPA hopefully goes up after fall semester, what do you think?:[

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I am sure this reply is way too late but for anyone else with the same question, here it goes:

While I have never taken the TEAS exam, a 69% is not tall that good. THink in terms of the rest of the people you are competing against. Your GPA is not too bad. Some schools however have a higher minimum GPA requirement. I am not sure what the acceptance rate for UTMB is or their minimum GPA but here are my stats as a comparison of students you are competing against:

I did my pre-reqs (and some core classes) at ACC. My GPA was 3.7 with 52 transfer hours when I applied to transfer to UT Austin. When I applied to UT Austin I had about 10 years of experience as a medical assistant (with management positions) and was able to obtain 3 excellent recommendation letters. I was accepted to UT Austin with an undeclared major. No transfer student is ever accepted directly into the School of Nursing because several pre-reqs are required to be done at UT Austin in-residence. Plan on at least 1 year of academic work before applying as an internal transfer to the SON. After 1 1/2 years of pre-reqs (36 credit hours) and a GPA of 3.89, I was accepted as an internal transfer student to the SON. Now I have to work to maintain a high GPA in order to be competitive for the Upper Division classes (another application!). My class will be the last class to have to go through this 3 application process as new rules are going in for incoming freshman.

OMG. Your answer is the MOST helpful information I have ever seen for UT Austin nursing program!

Because I applied to UT nursing school, and I should get answer from them by tomorrow, which makes me super nervous! :"( (I really want to cry)

I finished all my pre-requisites courses in ACC, except child development. ( But I already had human and growth development)

Your message kinda scares me because you were accetped by undeclared major even though you have good 3 recommendation letters and you have expereinces working in the hopital.....

Because I have only CNA certicate, but I did not work

and I have over 60 hour credits with 3.79 GPA.

So..once you accept to pre-nursing and take pre-nursing courses in UT austin, how long does it take?


May I please contact to you personally? Because I have so many questions about UT nursing program!

If you read my reply, please email me. I really really really appreciate it!!!

Thank you very very much!

Specializes in CrItical Care, Street Medicine/PHM, School nurse. Has 7 years experience.

As you might know by now, the rules have changed. You no longer have to do the upper division application, but rather almost everyone that's admitted gets automatic admission to the nursing the program with admission to UT in general with the exception of internal transfers. External transfer applications might be different though. I'd double check with an advisor about that.

The new system has the entire cohort taking the exact same classes every semester and each class is pretty much packed to capacity (they are much larger than the traditional track). Some classes are even combined with freshman and sophomores. This, unfortunately, leaves very little room for any new students (both internal and external) to transfer into the program mostly because of lack of space. My theory is that transfer spots are available based on the number of new program students that DROP out. What used to be a set number of available spots (40 or 80) each semester, has now become a pretty obscure number.

In terms of how classes are scheduled in the new program, many of the freshman and sophomores are taking several hard science classes ALONG with nursing fundamentals. Skills

labs are starting earlier in the sophomore year as opposed to the junior year.

Honestly speaking, I think it's a "weed out" method to drop the weakest students early on in the program.

To to answer your question:

Pre-nursing classes usually take about a semester to complete. Afterwards, you begin J1 and that in and of itself is a different beast.

I am currently starting my senior year and tell as many people as I can to brace themselves for J1 because it's the first semester that really gives you a good glimpse at what nursing school is all about.

I wish you the best of

luck and please feel free to ask me questions!