What do YOU think President Obama should know about nursing and health care reform?

  1. What do YOU want President Obama to know about the role of nursing in health care?

    This is your chance to tell him what you think. With the ongoing discussion and debate about his proposed health care reform, there is no better time than now!

    DePaul graduate nursing students are conducting a research project seeking nurses' opinions on what President Obama needs to know about nursing and how nurses can be used effectively in health care reform.

    All responses are anonymous and will be analyzed and results sent to President Obama and his health care team in Washington D.C.

    We encourage you to share your ideas and hope that our voice together may make a difference!

    Please use the following link to connect to our original post which has access to the online questionnaire, or visit our post directly in Allnurses.com - Students - Academic Nursing Research Participation Requests - What do you think President Obama needs to know about nursing?

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  3. by   ernoc333
    That the EMTALA law has both Helped and Hurt people, and that parts of it need better clarification in order to prevent much of the abuse of the Emergency Medical System.
  4. by   mlbnocnurse
    The life of the child who dies because the car wash did not
    raise enough money to pay for needed treatment is more
    important than any profit an insurance company makes,
    or the bonus the CEO makes.