Professional Organizational Interview

  1. I need a nurse who is part of a professional nursing organization to answer some interview questions for a homework assignment. Anyone willing I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Interview a nurse who is a member of a professional nursing organization:* What is the name of the professional nursing organization?
    * What is the focus of the organization? What are its goals?
    * What is the rationale for joining the organization? In other words, why would a nurse want to be a member of this particular organization?
    * When and where does the organization meet? For how long? How frequently?
    * What is the link for the website?
    * How much does it cost to join?
    * What benefits do members receive?
    * When is the next meeting? Where is the next meeting to be held? Who can you contact for more information?

    Describe one current issue that is a focus of concern to the organization's membership and discuss how the issue is being addressed by members or leaders of the organization.
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