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  1. Subject: Freedom of choice of Insulins -need help
    Author: Claudia
    Date: 5-Mar-03. 14:55:58

    I am a Registered Nurse and an Insulin dependent dabetic for the past 30 years. Using Lantus/Novolog.

    I have recently become aware of a major problem for some diabetics who cannot use the synthetic insulins. They require the old animal, beef and pork, insulins to survive. Our pharmaceutical industry is trying to do away with these insulins because it is not cost effective to produce them. Many are having difficulty with the necessary importation process and there is only one company in the UK which provides these insulins.It is costly and burdensome to obtain, many vials are delivered broken or frozen and unusable to these diabetics.

    Many people currently on the synthetic insulins are not provided the choices of using these Insulins if they have problems of hypoglycemia unawareness on the synthetics, or worse difficulties. Many MD's and diabetics are not even aware that the animal insulins may be of benefit to their existence.

    There is a petition drive going on to return these insulins to the US for the use of those fellow diabetics who need them to survive. I would like to ask everyone here to please visit the website and sign these petitions to allow the return of Beef Insulin to the US. It only takes a few minutes and everyday there are new moves being made by the pharmaceutical companies and FDA and government to prevent the importation and use of these Insulins. This cuts to the heart of freedom of choice for all of us. We need to keep insulin choices available to the greatest extent possible. We are all different , with different requirements to stay alive. The situation is becoming very urgent and signatures are needed, even if you dont need this type of Insulin. Please ask your friends and family to sign also.

    There is much more information available at:

    There is a wealth of information for all diabetics on all insulins at the above mentioned site, as well as a forum where questions can be posted about this issue and any insulin related issue.

    The petitions can be signed at:

    Thank you, we all have to stick together and help each other. Feel free to email me with any questions.

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