Nurses need a voice in what goes on!

  1. Who started that thing where we had to check 2 units of insulin with another nurse and sign off with another nurse and then five years later said we don't have to do that anymore? But, we can push 20mg of Cardizem IV without supervision! How come there is only one sharps box key on a 40 bed ICU? How come all the doors are locked on the unit-the ones you have to unlock 50 times a day? No bedside RNs were consulted before those decisions were made All nurses need to check out the article "It's a hospital, not Disneyland." Google it. Any body ever read the book "A Good Day In Hell-The Flatlining of Nurses across America." 11.69$ on Amazon. Look it up. You will think you wrote the book! Ever get tired of hearing this..."Yes we know it's a bad combo, we are going to split that assignment up on nights." at 12 noon with 8 hrs left on your shift. How about those Gallup polls? What a waste of time. But you can win a prize if you fill it out. And my new favorite, the Gallup NurseInsight Assesment! That personality quiz to weed out the "disengaged" RNs before the interview process. I've seen a lot of questions here about that one. Google that one. How much you think Gallup is making from that one? It is some interesting and depressing reading. Someone should sue those people. There has got to be something unconstitutional about it. Whatever happened to meeting a person face to face and making an assesment of their personality? But the suits running the hospital will buy anything except an extra RN for the floor, or a turn team, or PCTs! Why is that? Anyone know? I've been an RN for 20 yrs and I love being a nurse-If they would just let me! It never ceases to amaze me how much a hospital will spend on everything but help for the nurses. Doesn't make sense, since the business is about the patient. In Florida... The CEO of one of the biggest hospital chains there is voted "One of the most powerful men in Orlando" Wouldn't it have been better to be voted the most compassionate, the kindest, most loved by his employees, the patients advocate! No, he is the most powerful. Ok, I got that out. I feel better now. I'll feel a lot better when nurses actually get a say so. k
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