Denied access to Nursing Spectrum website?

  1. I used to be able to get on Nursing Spectrum's website without difficulty. I posted my discontent with the present state of Nursing on "Nurse to Nurse" - no profanity, nothing obscene, just facts regarding how nurses are abused and the abuse I was subjected to. Now, I can't bring up Nursing Spectrum's site on my computer at home - at work however, the site comes up right away. Has this happened to anyone else? I guess Nursing Spectrum only wants Rah! Rah! Nursing! posters on its board.
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  3. by   Hardknox
    I've read many negative "rants" on Nursing Spectrum's BB. They only seem to censor the real crazies ( after MANY complaints from posters) or people who use profanity. Try again and you'll probably get on. Use another name....
  4. by   Burden of Proof
    Thanks for the reply. The problem is I can't even bring up the website itself, much less view the discussions. After twenty years of nursing experience, all I can think of is how corrupt everything has become. Nurses are lied to, physically and verbally abused, underpaid, and unappreciated for their true worth. If you dare relate the facts as they truly are, your voice is silenced. The way things are going now, hospitals want the government to pay for their nursing staff: it's always about money, isn't it? Revolution is the only publication out there that hasn't sold out.
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