what are my options for work and school with this health issue?

  1. Last march while in LPN school I started losing use of myleft arm. Numbness, tingling, decreased strength, grip and increased pain overtime with days to week long headaches started to become part of my everydaylife. I managed to hide this from most people and graduated from school andpassed my boards while this was all going on. I've been in physical therapy andright after graduation discovered I had Thoracic outlet syndrome and almost noblood flow in my left arm and very little in the right. I had surgery rightafter I took my boards on the left and then several weeks later the right. Theright has progressed beautifully but the left has gotten progressively worse. Iam now on 1600 mg of neurontin a day and still have constant pain. I amcontinuing the fight to find a fix for this and have applied to a transitionprogram to get my RN. I am not even sure I would be able to even be allowed togo on and complete this program if i am even accepted but I feel that I have tocontinue to complete my education and as an LPN there isn't a lot I think I amqualified to do even with 10 years of medical experience as a medical assistantand manager of a medical office and major health club. I am not working now andam a single mom of 2 so I need to find out what my options may be with allthis. Any suggestions for options with ideas for employment and education wouldbe greatly appreciated! Thank you
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