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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to place on a resume or cover letter for objective if you were once a floor (ED) nurse and have become disabled but are trying to get back into the work force in a non patient care area / non-bedside? You have lifting restrictions of < 20lbs. and a weak non-dominent arm. How do you present yourself at a nursing job fair? i.e. - explain your gap of employment at the bedside (a year)- why you have not been working for awhile...

    I don't suppose you tell them "well I have been out on a workers comp related incident from lifting the back of a gurnery of a 450+ lb patient in distress that left me with 2 hernitaed discs in my neck that went undiagnoised for 9 months by poor workers comp care, then I had a surgery (anterior cervical discectomy with fusion c5 - c7 with fusion) when my left arm and grips on both sides finally gave out like a stroke and the headaches where so bad. But now my grips are back, but the left arm still has some weakness and the headaches are still around - but not as bad - only on one side of my neck and head now." [ yes - I still need to vent at times].

    Also - what kind of jobs should I be looking at at these job fairs? Most jobs non-floor based seem to want a BSN in CA..I had not gone back for my BSN. Or they want experience in that area... never mind my 5+ certifications and ER, Critical Care, Progressive Care experience.

    Going next week... ideas please.
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  3. by   mvg rn
    ]You can make your objective statement say something like: As a dedicated Registered Nurse with __ years Emergency Department experience, I am now seeking a non-patient care position which will make use of my comprehensive ED background, excellent communication skills, teaching ability, and self-directed prioritization. Of course, change that statement to fit your strengths.
    ]I am a similar position with the restrictions, for a different reason, and also looking for a job. All I can say is good luck, be yourself and be honest. You don't want end up in a job you can't handle.
    ]As for not having your BSN, some jobs will hire you if you say you are willing to go back to school.
  4. by   ERNeck
    Thank you - I will take that into consideration.