I so curious!

  1. Hello All!
    I am 54 yrs. old, and has suffered from chronic low back pain, some neck pain, and depression, and diddn't think I could work for many years,because it was not really excepted. Since my kids are grown, I need and want to work and feel productive.
    I am amazed at the fact that so many people on here are working, with all kinds of ailments and health issues, and more so, to find them RN,LVN,and whatever, and the amount of years they say they have been doing it.

    Please tell me if you who have medical problems,did you tell or reveal your medical issues before you were hired, or was it later after working for a while.

    Believe me, I am shocked, but relieved also, because I will be attending LVN school soon!

    So, you can see why this is of such interest to me.
    Please , I ask of you, do respond to my questios, I would greatly appreciate it.

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