Cutting off benefits!!!!

  1. I have just learned that all those on LTD at our hospital who have been able to stay on benefits have only one more month and then their benefits will cease-except health insurance-which I should be thankful for. but where can disabled persons get life Insurance?? No where!!!!! this almost borders on the disabilities Act or what are your opinions??? i was going into a deep depression and now am there for sure. also, one of my medical bills got sent to collections because the insurance is not paying claims in a timely manner-first time for all this, never sent to collections before. so sad to end like this!!!!! I just want to be well and nurse my patients like I used to . thanks for letting me vent!!!!! Life can be so cruel sometimes!!!!! And I gave 1000% when I was there- BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!
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  3. by   Jolie
    I'm not sure I understand your post.

    Are you off work due to a long-term disability? Have you used and exhausted your Family and Medical Leave time? If so, do you have an anticipated date to return to work? If not, have you applied for Social Security Disability or pursued job training for another type of position that you would be able to fill despite your disability? Is t his a work-related disability that qualifies you for Worker's Comp?

    Most employers won't hold a position beyond FMLA unless the employee is well on his/her way to returning to work. It is simply too expensive to fill in over the long-term with OT and agency staffing. And to continue to provide benefits to an employee who is not actively working is also cost prohibitive. It sounds to me like your employer has tried to accomodate the needs of ill/injured employees, but can no longer afford to do so.

    If your disability is work-related, then a Worker's Comp caseworker should be able to guide you. If it is likely that you will never return to nursing, then you will need an attorney's assistance in filing for SS disability and/or seeking job retraining.

    Best to you.
  4. by   68RN
    Hi Jolie,

    I have been out of work since 2003, developed autoimmune diseases-Ra, ankylosing spondylitis and of course fibromyalgia goes with all these disorders seems like. My doc says fibromyalgia will eventually be listed as autoimmune though there are groups of nurses on here who dispute this. but, until you have it, I also did not know much about it, but have I learned fast. You have to walk in someone else's shoes a bit and then you understand!!!!
    I take Remicade iv every 6 weeks, methotrexate SQ weekly to keep my immune system normal.
    Disability was the route I took. But the conditions of my job cetainly added to the stress of life. I can remember leaving work 2 different times with nose bleeds so bad I had to go to Er on the way to my car and also had lots of surgeries in late 90's early 2000 all with no one finding out what the heck was going on with me. My PTO was never for a fun vacation, always illness!! Some of my patients were in better condition than I was.
    So, I have been blessed to have what I have had, I was just upset that my life insurance was cut, where can you get life insurance if you are on disability and I have had 2 days to think about it and lucklily my health insurance and meds will still be covered at employee rates, so why am I complaining? I think I just needed to vent badly and today have had some chest tightness and I know it is from all the stress of what is happening and no way to control it. you know we are all control freaks to some degree!!! We have to be when we are at work, or we work hard to maintain some degree of control and sanity!!!
    I have struggled to find a new normal for me the past 5-6 years and have tried a volunteer choir 2 times and each time it is to much. My 4 children,husband and 6 grandchildren get what energy I have and a couple of friends who have stuck by me. believe me, when you have a chronic illness, not to many understand your limitations and it also scares them that it could be them someday!!
    thanks for your interest and your reply!!! I love this board. i can come on here and feel like a nurse for awhile again.
  5. by   Jolie
    Thanks for clafrifying. I'm sorry for your health problems, but admire your positive outlook.

    You mention being on disability. Is that Social Security disability, or a private plan? If you are unable to work enough hours to support yourself in the present or future, I would encourage you to get the SS ball rolling. It is an arduous process that is almost always denied the first time, so if you believe that you qualify, it is a good idea to get started before you desperately need the income.

    It might also be a good idea to begin to investigate other avenues of obtaining health insurance. Your company is unique in continuing to extend employee-rates to disabled workers for the long term. With the financial situation as it is, I wonder if they will be forced to re-think that in the not-too-distant future.

    Is there any possibility of converting your employer-sponsored life insurance to a private pay policy? Someone in Human Resources or a representative of the life insurance company may be able to advise you on this.

    I'll keep you in my prayers that you experience improved health. You have much to offer and we all benefit from your perspective.

    Take care.
  6. by   68RN
    Hi Jolie,

    Yes, I am on SSDI. I had to apply when I went from STD to LTD through my hospital. I have thought of calling my employer and asking about converting my life insurance but have not done that yet!! It seems there is something everyday to deal with. Despite 2 insurances-Medicare primary and My hospital policy secondary, one of my bills was sent to collections=never had that happen before, the 2 insurances can't get their act to gether and the provider is not much help. I have had to get involved and have been in contact with the provider, but still they sent one pf the bills to collection, it is ER services for the hospital I worked at-old bills that should have been filed as medicare as primary instead of secondary-one big mess that really adds to the stress!!! I finally called HR and they are going to get something going!!!!

    Thanks for the prayers. If I had not been a faithful person, i do not know what I would have done these past years. While still trying to get diagnosed, on my way to work at night on the freeway, i would look at the bridge supports and think how easy to do that, but my faith and love of my family kept me from doing anything foolish. Depression comes and goes with these diseases and it is not fun. I am in a funk again and need to get back on some medicene. But none seem to help much. I tell God, he can quit slamming me anytime!!!!

    You are a kind, loving person and i appreciate all your thoughts and information and suggestions. Thanks a bunch.