CNA with a few problems

  1. Hi every one. I just got certified as a CNA in December of last year and I have just got accepted for the fall semester this year to stat school and get my LPN. Now my biggest issue is that I have pretty bad case scoliosis. i don't take meds for it, but it dosent get bad unless I am sitting down for to long, then i get real stiff. I was wondering if anyone else here has that problem, and how they delt with it. Because I keep doubting myself, as to if I can really handle the night shift as a NA now and a LPn in about a year or so.

    Also one more question. I suffer from social aniexty, PTS, depression and have been dianosged with a handfull of personality disorders, now my point is, during my youngers years, before therapy and meds I was really sick; I was a cutter. This went on for many years. Now I do have scars that are permanet, and I feel embaressed of them all the time anyways, but especially in the hospital setting (like I'm trying to help people feel better and protect their bodies from injury and you can see when I couldn't even protect myself) Even during my pre employment physical I had to get my PPD test done, and I was sooooooooo embaressed Dose anyone have any advice in regards to my sitaution, and has been through something similar?
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    i've known several nurses that were/are cutters - with forearm scars to show for it. you will not find a more supportive community than nursing, but you have to earn it. be proactive and work hard, be forthright about your limitations but don’t use them as a crutch. hey, i’d love to have a cna that can’t sit down! seriously though, good luck.
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    Thank you so much
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    where long sleeves under your scubs top :yeahthat: