Adjusting Nursing Career Dx Maculat Degeneration

  1. I am a RN BSN with 22 years experience. I was diagnosed at age 29 with macular degeneration. Now at 43 my vision has progressivelyworsened. Due to budget cuts, I was part of a lay off in an outpatient Cardiology office. I decided to go back into the hospital setting cardiac step down unit but was told at the end of my orientation it was not a good fit. I was given my own computer to use with magnification and changes in color for contrast. Because of this I was unable to see the whole screen at one rime and had to constantly pan from one section to the next which would slow me down. In addition, all my injectable medications had to be double checked by another RN for accuracy, which 9 times out of 10 was off about 2 tenths or had an air bubble. Reading clear dashes and numbers on graduated cyclinders and drains were quite difficult. I now am not working and am having a terrible time finding a job as a nurse (which is my passion) due to my visual impairment. I worked very hard to get where I am today and it kills me that I cannot do what I love. I am open to any suggestions, recommendation etc. I had to start self restricting my driving, so local nursing jobs or telecommute would be ideal. Thank you
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    Hi! My situation is a bit different. I had been a nurse for almost 25 years when I suffered multiple occipital lobe strokes which affected my vision. My vision loss is approximately 75%. My remaining vision is 20/20. I was in school obtaining my BSN when the strokes occurred. My former employer terminated me after I asked for reasonable accommodations and declined to take an 80% pay cut and pass dietary trays. I finished my BSN in December of 2017 and obtained employment with a wonderful health care facility in the case management department. It is a steep learning curve, but I know I can do it and my coworkers are great! National Organization for Nurses with Disabilities is a wonderful sounding board. National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities | NOND is the voice of disability in nursing! Whatever you do, don't give up hope!