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For the past 25 years I have been taking care of sick and injured children in one capacity or another. Over those years I've seen too many die who might have been saved had the right equipment, or had properly trained staff been present.

I've witnessed parents and families endure immense torment over suffering and dying children.

This year, I am pleased to have been selected to spearhead a drive to help those children. After much research and careful deliberation, The Children's Miracle Network has been selected as the focus of our efforts(The Helping Hands Network and Nurses Who Care). Why The Children's Miracle Network?.. because 100% of donated funds go directly to the donors community children's hospitals and clinics.

This year, you can contribute immensely simply by downloading The Children's Miracle Network Toolbar at our website: (by going to this website, we get credit for our efforts...NO MONETARY GAIN WHATSOEVER!)

It costs you absolutely nothing and the only people who benefit are the children who need it (and of course you, just knowing you are helping).

All you need do is go to the above website, click on the Children's Miracle Network logo and download the toolbar. Then everytime you sign on the internet and load the toolbar.. children in your community benefit.

Neither myself, nor The Helping Hands Network profits one iota.. just the kids and those who provide their Health Care Services.

THE $9,000 MIRACLE:Just think; if you only use the toolbar long enough to raise $1 and you get three others at work or in the neighborhood to do the same and they in turn make the same commitment by the 9th level, your $1 has grown to over $9000!

Thank You

Steven Blanchard, RN

P.S. If you would like to help out or like to know more about Nurses Who Care, email me. Warning:NO ONE GETS PAID IN THIS GROUP.. Kinda like our jobs, huh?

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