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The committee on Nurses Week at my insitituion would like to know what other hospitals are doing for their nursing staff during nursing week. Thanks for any information/ideas you wish to share!



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We're in piedmont- western part of NC. Our NCNA district awards a scholarship to two nursing students at a banquet for all nurses to attend, this year on May 9th.

We search for sponsors to help defray the costs of the speaker (this year, a local hospital sponsored our speaker in total!) and facility, we get a caterer and have a great time! We have door prizes, vendors, etc.

This month the NCNA district president and president-elect received a great information packet about nursing and Nurses Day/Weeki. We(I) plan to start flooding the local media with some of the info. Perhaps your NCNA district president would share this with you.

One idea we're going to try this year, that would probably work well in-house, is peer nomination for "Recognizing Nursing Excellence in Practice". Someone nominates a nurse for the above, takes a photo of that person at work, and adds it to a collage (or video, whatever you can afford), and on Nurses' Day,

all the nurses nominated get an award with the person's name who nominated her/him and why, the collage (video?) is on display..... We're still working on the details. Got the idea from a colleague on the coast--they do it with fantastic results.

Good luck!

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