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  1. Need help with fear/work related issue. Have recently resigned from job of 14 months at dialysis facility because of drama, chaos, inconsisties, etc from administrator. Have new job at local hospital but am afraid administrator will attempt to sabatoge new position, extremely difficult to get a job here while in recovery. Said administrator was furious because I am the preceptor and we are going through alot of changes, of which change with direction of the wind blowing and who is involved. She has now left papers for me to sign (falsify) tech training with my initials which I absolutely refuse to do, she left the papers for me to sign and will find out on Monday that I only signed for the techs I was working with on particular days. She's not a nurse and doesn't seem to understand one nurse cannot watch 4 techs build 24 machines and have a pt. assignment also! My fear is that she is going to call board with bogus info because she is so mad, she actually wrote up another nurse with bogus info and that nurse also resigned a couple of weeks ago because of BS, so is this my addictive paranoia or what? I have notified BON of my regisnation and written on monthly self eval forms about work being unsettling for past 6 months with this new administrator. Advice, reassurance, anything helpful???
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