Impressive candidate, proper way to tell manager about nursing restrictions

  1. I have been a RN since I was literally 19 years old. Here I am 35 years old, going back into nursing with a narcotic restriction after a 5 year hiatus and 4 years clean and sober. I have been a critical care nurse the majority of my career. I have stayed current with my ACLS and other CEUS, but I do not want to work in a nursing home. I will and do not think I am above it. I love elderly people. I am definetly a proficient, close to an expert nurse. What I am trying to ask is how do I convince the manager this could work and that I am worth this? A nurse with a history of substance abuse issue is reality, lets face it. We all need to get with the program and start focusing on why this is becoming an epidemic not only with nurses but in this country. Nurses need to quit eating each other up and be allies. The way I see it, people know about me. I am randomly drug tested. I have to call a number every day 7 days a week to see if I need to report for a test. We need to worry about the ones that we do not know about and are actively using. They don't have to be diverting, but can be just as dangerous to the public. I am not trying to play down my plight, but for me to get back to where I needed to be to go back to work was not easy. I really had to work for it, and I had to jump through hoops like a little show dog. I have proved myself and I am dedicated to my profession. In fact, I will probably be a better nurse than I have ever been if ever given a chance. Does anyone have any advice? Any nurse managers? Charge nurses? Staff nurses what do you think? My resume is pretty impressive. I am a few semesters shy of being an APRN. Naturally, it is embarrassing and quite hard to try to convince someone that you just met how different you are and to at least give you a chance. I can honestly say, my family is in the rental business. On paper, someone can look like a disaster, but you meet them, they look you in the eye, everything else seems to check out and they turn out to be a good renter. Then, you have these people are squeaky clean on paper, can look you in the eye and lie, never pay the rent on time, have to evicted, do huge amount of damages to the property and they are on there way to the next place. Then of course, there are just your bad apples period. When they are questioned at all about their background, they either hang up or tell you it is none of your business or they will get back with you and never hear back.
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