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  1. I've been terminated X 2 days and referred to IPN in FL. I've been recommended to contact them before the BON does. I've been studying the boards and need a little fill in info if you don't mind. How long do I have to contact IPN? How long before my 3 hour eval once I contact them? Some on the boards say get a lawyer ASAP, others, not so much. If I need one, how much time do I have to get one? I'm looking for an AA meeting and a friend of mine will help me find the right one. I'd like to get that started before I go in for my appt.
    RE: JOBS: I can take a non-nsg job @ anytime- right? Does anyone know how hard for an NP to find a position- nsg or otherwise? My spouse is supportive. He says just take the time to heal. I don't care for the idea of not pulling my own weight as much as possible. Fine time to think of that now!
    Thanks for any info you can provide.
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  3. by   jackstem
    I don't know the specifics to your questions regarding time frames, but I will say this:

    Get a Lawyer! Facing the board can have permanent results on your license. You wouldn't defend yourself in criminal court. Don't defend yourself against the board...they hold your career in their hands.

    The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (www.taana.org)