Nurses at Piedmont Hospital (in ATL)


What is the starting salary for new grads? Does it differ by unit?

What are the evening/night/weekend shift diffs?

What is the standard nurse/ patient ratio in post-partum? Other units?

Is the post-partum (mother baby) unit couplet care, or do the babies have their own nurses?

Also, does the admit nurse in the nursery rotate to the floor, or is it the same nurse in the nursery all the time? What's the criteria to be that nurse?

Are there techs on the post-partum unit to do vitals and call lights and so on or is the RN fully responsible for patient care?

Do they do 8 or 12 hour shifts or a mixture?

Are weekends required? Ex. every other, or 1 wknd/ month?

Is being on call required?

Are call-offs frequent? Are they usually for the entire shift of just part?

Does the hospital offer student loan repayment? If so does it make a difference if you are a Piedmont Scholar??

I know that's a lot, so any questions you can't or don't feel like answering its ok. Thanks a lot though :bow:.

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