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Hello,  My name is Tamiko. There are many common themes in many of the post I read. Something compelled me to share. 

SMART GOALS, and balancing  the elements of HEALTH. 

A common stressors for the nursing student.  I applaud you for making it to this point.  Look how far you have come and you are not alone. It is imperative we start self care now. Some of us have social issues such as financial, mental issues, emotional, physical, spiritual deprivation, and issues with our environment.   Health is all of those factors. The Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Environmental, Social and Emotional make us whole.  Self Care is paramount. 

Look below at SMART GOALS.

 I searched for an article that to me simplifies SMART GOALS for you.  I believe better than I can. I will give you the Link also.  I do not have any affiliation with anyone I quote here but like I said I am here for my future nursing colleague.

SMART Goals according to White, A. (2022) is a tool used to assist in setting goals.  

The word SMART is an acronym for S for Specific, M: Measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely — Get it? It has been found goals will more likely be reached when they are organized and specific. 

Smart Goals break the goal down into digestive pieces, multiple steps and therefore it will be easier to obtain and see.  

Smart goals in nursing are not only great for the nurses own personal and professional goals but also helpful to assist patients create and reach their own goals.  This article continues and goals further in details that I believe will be highly helpful. The link to the website  The Use of SMART Goals in Nursing. 


I also had to face where I was spiritually:  In my spiritual walk I questioned, I searched, and I reflected and I found. I am used as a vessel. 

See below great tips to help you guys out.

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