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hello , i was just wanting to get some other opinions on what is going on at my work right now..We have at our facility acute care and ltc patients, where i work there is one nurse to 33-36 patients and they are very demanding and they have ahigher acuity of care thatn your average Ltc floor.. the administrators are complaining of us having overtime..when i work 4 days a week and dont even get paid overtime til over 40 hours..but they are telling us we have to leave right at 3:30 when the shift is over and expect us to have everything done including charting..I find this ridiculous because we hardly have time to do what were suppose to do and were barley getting done with our med pass and treatments by 2-2:30 because they have heavy afternoon med passes...and then we have to carryout orders etc etc and then we give report from 3-330 so i dont see when we are suppose to chart.. as it is now most of the nurses dont even take there 30 min lunch we just take a quick 10-15 and thats if we get that and we still cant barely get done...they have told us that the only reason we should be leaving late is if we have a code or something major...but if we have a fall or something there is tons of paperwork as most of you may know...and we also have to do double chat=rting on the computer etc and usually we have to wait to do charting at the end of the shift but now they want us to do it throught the shift, and im just wondering how were supposed to do that and get the meds passed etc...I am looking for a new job because hoeslty there have been a lot of nurses to leave this place already, i was trying to stick it out, but ive been there 2 years and it just keeps continuingly getting worse and more and more ridicoulous...anyone else have to deal with this overtime issue? also i heard a supervisor telling another nurse to make sure she leaves ontime and just not to do her charting...ridiculous right? I believe thats what alot of them are doing so they can leave on time...and some are coming to work early and not clocking in til its time either...

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