nurses with disabilities?

Nurses Disabilities


Any other nurses out there who have a severe disability?

I do, SLE. There is also a few other things that plague me, but I work full time nights and support a family at the same time. Sometimes I dont understand why some pt's cant work with some medical problems that they have. I was even on chemo a few years back and cont to work. I guess its just priorities in life. A few weeks ago, my nurse manager chuckled at me when I told her I had to take a day off, first in a year. When I told her it was my lupus bothering me, her comment was "Oh I didnt know you had lupus" my response to her was "I dont generally go around town blurting it out." Well the next week she and a tech were sitting a the nurses station, she said "I noticed you were a little slow last week and this week." "I told her well I dont feel good some mornings." she than replied "We had a tech working here a few years back and he was in a bad mood in the mornings, we would give a glass of O.J. before he even started." "Maybe your a little hypoglycemic." I know what she really wanted from me, to blurt out that I had SLE, that way she could say that she didnt tell everyone else that worked there. Least to say the harassment cont. I walked. I now have a new job and a great one at that. Thanks for listening:)

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