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Nurses & Nursing Students Working In Hospitals In The Philippines


I know that for the most part your studies were done predominately in English. But when working in the hospitals or during your clinical rotations what language is used? As for example, when speaking with fellow colleagues or patients? What language do you chart in? I know there are many dialects spoken in the Philippines so I'm curious. Thanks

Charting is done in English... (except for the subjective data when the patient speaks in his dialect)

Ahm in the hospital we converse in Tagalog, with the fellow nurses and doctors ( well except for the Indian intern,, there's no difficulty speaking to him in English though.).

And of course when conversing with the patient it depends on what language he (and you) can communicate better ( i had to learn Ilocano for my patients who cant express themselves in Tagalog.. :D)

why do you ask?


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Almost all paperworks are done in English, although some hospitals have translations in Tagalog so that some who cannot read in English can understand. I've seen a patient consent/waiver done in full Tagalog. Health Care team members, Nurses, Nursing students speak in Filipino but in times that they need to talk in English especially in private hospitals where patients use English.

I'm curious because of the different dialects that are spoken, that's the reason why I asked. I know that the majority of the schools use English, but in the hospitals around what's used I wasn't sure of. That's why I asked. Thank you both for your information.