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Nurse technician


I just finished my first semester of clinicals in a LTC (Chambrel Assisted Living/Windsong in Fairlawn) and now I'm looking to get a job as a student nurse tech. I know that Akron Children's and SUMMA only require you to have one clinical rotation, so those are my options. Any nurse techs out there that work at Children's or SUMMA? (or RNs/LPNs, please give me your insight!) What is the pay like and what kind of stuff do you do? How flexible are they with your schedule? AGMC is my second choice but I need to complete a med-surg rotation, which is next semester so I need some time.

Or is there anyone who works at the Cleveland Clinic/University Hospital/EMH/St. John Westshore? When I go home over the summer those hospitals are a lot closer to me. And does anybody know if hospitals will let you work only during the summer (if I'm at home) or during the school year (when I'm living in Akron)? Thanks! :)

Im not sure about Akron area but I know UH & the Clinic both have student nurse externships for the summer. Great pay--much better than techs/aids and you learn a TON!!! Basically, you function as an RN (with direct supervision) and do everything but IV meds. You have to be 12 months from grad & in an RN program. Only downside is that they last 8-10 weeks but both places will hire you on PRN after your program ends. Hope this helps!

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