Nurse Tech/PCA job leads NY, NJ?


Hello Ya'll, Im an rn student lookin for a pca job, nurse tech position, Ive been trying to get one for months with no avail. I finished a whole sem of clinical rotations and I'm currently taking MedSurg I. So if anyone at all, have any info on leads in Ny (or even ny adjacent part of nj) for a pca/pct/nurse tech job please drop me a line! thanks in advance.

I am originally from NYC and I moved south- first FL and then ATL and I tell you I do not like it here at all. It is extermely hard almost impossible to get a RN and what they put you through for a tech job is crazy for the pay of 8.25 and if you are really lucky you may make 10.00 per hour.

With that being said I wish you luck keep at it and I believe it will get better I can promise you it cant be as bad as here

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