Nurse student CNA course?



I am currently a student nurse and I am graduating in about a month. I have worked on a Ambulance for 3 years and 4 years as a combat medic. I have noticed that when it comes to washing, bathing, and bath-rooming a patient is still hard for me, I feel very lost when it comes what to do. I do fantastic in all other areas and have gotten nothing less then a 95% on all exams and nursing skills. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to take a CNA course? Thoughts?

My thoughts are this, the skills that you explained to be difficult for you right now are skills that will become easier as you actually use them. If you are grasping the concept of of the skill then you might just need more hands on to get the comfortability of the skill...and yes as a nurse you would use those skills but more than likely with assistance...also,tl those particular skills wouldn't be your main skills or the focus of your work so to me to take a whole Cna course just to get a better since of those skills wouldn't be necessary because as I said it just sounds like you need more hands on which will come with the nature of your job and of luck