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Nurse Residency Program in NY for new grads

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I really want to apply to a Nurse Residency program in NYU medical center. I am a soon-to-be grad from nursing school (Adelphi University), 22 year old female. However, the website says that you have to have a 3.5 GPA and no "C's" in science or nursing courses. I have a 3.7GPA but I have one C in chemistry 1. The thing is I didn't need chemistry for nursing school, I took it as a freshman when I was a biology major and messed up. I still have A's and A- in my other science/nursing courses. I even have an A in physiological chemistry (this was a prerequisite for nursing).

Anyway, should I still apply for this program and explain this? Or should I just look for a job somewhere else. I would have loved to be in this program because it is a year of training and educational while being employed as a new nurse. If not what do you suggest? And where should I work as a new nurse? A place with a good orientation program in New York 5 borough's/long Island area.

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