Will a suspension from my previous employment affect my NMC registration?

  1. Hello. I have a 10 month experience in the philippines and currently, I am here in Saudi for 1 year and 8 months. However, I have an issue with my application. We have to declare if we have received disciplinary actions from our registering body or our employer. I have once been suspended because I received several IRs while working in PH. My question is, will this delay or deny my application? What should I do? I am considering several options.

    1. I will not declare my PH experience and will only ask for two referrals from my current employment here in Saudi. I will select "no" under the question of disciplinary actions received. Will NMC ask for the gap? Given I have no experience between PRC regustration and my current Saudi experience?

    2. I will declare my PH experience but will again only ask for the two referrals here in Saudi. I will select "no" under the question of disciplinary actions received. NMC will still call my PH employer right?

    *I am aware this is dishonesty. But I am really clueless on what to do with my application.

    I am really in a dilemna right now. If only I was aware that this part is needed, I would not have started with the application given I would be denied. Please help. Thank you.
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    Suggest you review the code of ethics and nurses duty to tell the truth and be answerable for their actions and omissions. Omitting regulatory body disciplinary action, or previous licensing information or previous employer information is deception. Most regulatory bodies expect applicants to be truthful and will consider deliberate omissions fraud.