Waiting for Ca BON evaluation, schools, and MORE

  1. Good to be back on this forum and looking forward to share information with others who may be in the same situation.

    Dating back from my first and only post regarding the NCLEX preparation.....A LOT has happened and some of my plans were delayed. I moved back from the Philippines after having completed the nursing program. I knew applying for the NCLEX in California was going to be tough and I already figured that I wouldn't eligible to take the NCLEX-RN. So I moved to the east coast in hopes of becoming a registered nurse over there. Since their state was less strict on its regulations.

    After attempting to take the NCLEX in another state and not passing I finally decided to move back home to California. At this time I was informed that if I had passed and worked for an x amount of time I would still have to go back to school no matter what if i wanted to apply again for NCLEX in California. If I had known that I probably wouldn't have gone to the east coast. I credit that to my lack of research and my impulsiveness.
    Although I know that I would have to go back to school for some time, I am hoping ill at least become eligible for the NCLEX-PN. Most of the people i know and most of the stories i see on here mentioned that they were only granted eligibility for the LVN board. While I wait for my evaluations I'm already looking at schools to which i can apply to, but even that process may take forever.

    Does anyone know or have an idea of how long the process might be for your evaluations to be sent to you? If you apply for the NCLEX-RN and get denied do they automatically send you eligibility for the NCLEX-PN or do you have to apply to the LVN board of nursing separately?

    I know that once your file has been evaluated and completed. They send you a notice stating your deficiencies. At that time you can then apply to nursing schools who cater to foreign educated students and their deficiencies. I've called numerous schools from northern California to southern California hearing mostly the same answers. Either they don't offer specific courses or they have a waiting list.

    Does anyone out there have any information on schools who offer classes to students in my situation. I know most schools by now might have a massive a waiting list. But maybe more and more schools might be adapting to this type of program for international students.

    Any information is gladly appreciated. I hope many of us in the same situation can come across this thread and share what we know.

    I know everything happens for a reason. We MUST all stay positive and never give up on our dreams.

    Hoping to hear from your guys soon! Thanks
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