1. HI! Im a registered nurse from the Philippines and I just paid my NNAS application and is now a resident in Vancouver. As i was browsing through one of the threads here in this website, I've read that a lot of the international students get a "non-comparable" result from their assessments. I'm just a bit worried that it might be the same thing for my application. were there any successful applicants at least? And if the result is "non-comparable'', what's the next thing you can do to your application?
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  3. by   jccacc
    Hi hkmcdonnell. I believe every assessment is unique. You have to make sure that your school send a complete nursing course curriculum (course outline). I think NNAS assess your educational requirements (just my personal thought). After NNAS you have to apply to the nursing regulatory body of your province. Then that nursing regulatory body will check your education, evidence of practice, so on and so forth. From the start of the application to my advisory report, it took 8 months in total. It took that long too because my license i the Philippines is expired and I have to renew it.

    Just to give you a history of mine. I am a filipino nurse too. Whem I applied for RN way back in 2008, I wasn't eligible to take the RN licensure because my degree wasn't equivalent to there degree here. So I started studying for the academic pathway bridging to university. I didn't continue to university; instead I reapplied when they changed the assessment to NNAS. I got a somewhat comparable result. Then I applied to CNO (Ontario) and luckily I was given eligibility to take the nclex rn. I didn't do osce and iencap since I wasn't required. Even I passed the exam already, I still need to complete the requirement for my evidence of practice. It is because CNO's requirement is if you worked as a RN for last 3 years. I'm not sure if it is the same in British Colombia. Even if you are working as a RPN they will not consider ot fpr ypur evidence of practice.

    I hope I have given you a bit of a picture of what to expect. Don't lose hope.
  4. by   RN_Pro
    @jccacc is the luckiest Filipino nurse I've heard of so far. Especially being able to write NCLEX-RN without having to do IENCAP or provide paperwork about nursing work experience. Many American-educated nurses have had to do IENCAP. I really hope you are as lucky as @jccacc but don't get your hopes up.
  5. by   RN_Pro
    When did you receive notification that you can write NCLEX-RN? I"m wondering if it was before or after Sept 2016 when they made changes because everyone was showing them how ridiculous the process was.