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  1. Hi,

    Would someone share his or her experience processing their NMC Full Application Pack (as I am about to receive it from my friend from Harrow, England)? I have this worry about my RLE hours which is 2,142. Furthermore, how long will the Decision Letter arrive after complying all the requirements? Thanks!
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  3. by   sweety2136
    Hi sir edong..did you receive your DL already were you required to submit nursing and non nursing transcript in clock hours?I was required to the above docs since they weren't satisfied to the.nursing clock hours only. I have been processing my application close to 1year now.I worked in KSA as well before and it took me a long time to get my verification. The NMC implemented a new process which makes it harder to comply with the old process due to the time constraints and deadline they are asking. By the way sir are you in the UK already? I red in one of ur post you were accepted in Northwest London NHS..Good luck to us!
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  4. by   EdOng
    I was also asked to submit breakdown in hours twice but when they noticed that it was my school's fault that they don't receive what they need, the assessor decided to find the tool/formula in order to come up with the number of hours. However, I still asked the school registrar to furnish another one accompanied by a letter explaining how to convert the units into hours. I think this document is en route to London now.

    (I am still here in Saudi right now but I was hired by the Northwick Park Hospital and I have to wait for the decision before I can be issued with a CoS).
  5. by   sweety2136
    Hi sir ed have you received your DL?any updates from NMC? Thanks..all the best!
  6. by   EdOng
    Hello. My papers are still on decision queue since 29 Jan 2015. Hope to hear the good news very soon. What about you? Any update on your application?
  7. by   sweety2136
    Good for you..got a reply thru email though our docs has been received just a week apart I was put in the decision que just this Feb 9..really looking forward on receiving a DL after all the stress..as per stylish gem she got her DL just 3 weeks after she was lined up on the decision que..best of luck to us..I'll update you..
  8. by   EdOng
    Yup, she received her DL after a very short waiting period, 16 working days I guess. Today's the 15th after my last requirement was scanned and allocated in to my file. Yup, may good fortune be ever on our side to finally receive the decision after a very long time of stress and struggles. God bless us.
  9. by   sweety2136
    Wow! Your next excited for you!
  10. by   EdOng
    Excited at the same time getting nervous because of the pressure since I am no longer renewing my contract here.
  11. by   sweety2136
    When will your contract end? Don't worry its just a matter of time before your DL comes out..do you have a schedule when your going to the UK?
  12. by   EdOng
    My tentative flight back to the Philippines will be on 8 May. For the UK, on the other hand, there is no schedule yet as it will all depend on the decision.
  13. by   sweety2136
    I'm sure if you call NMC you'll be informed that your DL is on its way as well..most of the nurses who were on the decision que early to mid January their DL has been issued..finally this is it! Cheers to all of us!
  14. by   EdOng
    How I wish they would issue the decision before this day ends. Fingers crossed, may they give us what we are waiting for.