NMC delay and put on queue this 2013. waiting for decision letter

  1. Since nmc put on hold all the papers and resume this year, is there anyone who was put on queue this 2013 and received the decision letter? I would like to know if 90 days waiting period really followed. Its really frustrating knowing that it only took 1 month before to process this. Please share your experiences. Thanks!
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  3. by   rob_t.
    Hi furble. I understand how frustrating it feels to have the decision on your application delayed. The same thing also happened to me. I started my NMC application in October 2012 and managed to complete all the required documents on January 23, 2013. Then the NMC put all application on hold for the whole 2 months (February and March). By that time, my student visa then was about to expire in April; so I had to apply for an extension. I phoned the NMC almost every week to follow up on my application and was also advised that I should receive it by the end of April, which of course didn't happen. Anyway, to make the story short I have finally received the decision letter on the last week of May, so the decision to extend my student visa was just the right thing to do; but it made me really broke (but this is another story). So my piece of advice, just wait patiently. It should come. By the ay, has the NMC contacted you regarding some lacking documents? Because I know somebody who has been contacted by the NMC because she lacks one (or some) documents.
  4. by   furble
    Hi thanks for the reply. Your friend was lucky that nmc called her. Ive been in that situation as well. I found out mine when I called checking my status as insisted by my friend. I learned that they lost my OS1 (they really lost it-a really long story). Anyway, this was fixed last month and I was put on queue in june 11. Whats so annoying was I sent all my papers 1st week of May rushing all the documents. Ive done what you did calling them every week hoping it will speed up my papers.I guess it will really take more than 3mos and the only solution is patience. I just hope it would speed up....
  5. by   greatxander
    my documents were put on queu since 19 june, i called them on the 22nd and told me that its still on queu... i never heared anything from them if im misssing documents.. My onp class where i currently work and who will sponsor me will start on September so its pain in the &$@ waiting...
  6. by   sapphireangel
    Hi! Has anyone received a decision letter yet? My papers were put on queue last June 19 too. My employer wants me to start the ONP by October and all my papers to be ready by the end of August so they can start processing. They need my decision letter to start everything. I'm still in my home country and I'm afraid they'll drop me if I don't make it on time. Thanks! All this waiting is really making me crazy...
  7. by   greatxander
    im still waiting as well, i should start on September
  8. by   chriskevin
    Hi, i was put on queue on may 13th this year. Is there anyone who was put on queue on the same date and got the decision letter?? They are taking more than 90 days for proccesing.
  9. by   greatxander
    have you got yours already?
  10. by   chriskevin
    no i dint, they said that they have put me in priority queue. dnt knw for how long
  11. by   Rudyl
    was on decision queue on June 14, i just really hope they will keep their word that they should be deciding within 6 to 12 weeks
  12. by   feyideyinks
    nice to see a post on nmc decision...am all new here and i need all the information i can get. thanks
  13. by   Rudyl
    does anyone received a decision letter already?
  14. by   greatxander
    i havent yet.... its taking sooo long...