New Jersey app for international educated nurses

  1. Hi all! A friend of mine asked a question about application for Nj but I can't really give him a certain answer for sure. I hope you guys can help him.

    [FONT=lucida grande]Greetings fellow nurses! Knowing that it's nearly impossible for international graduates to obtain a nursing license here in California, I've finally decided to move to New Jersey and build my career as a nurse in the said state. I called up the NJ's board of nursing to reassess my preliminary requirements in taking the NCLEX. It quickly came to my attention that they would ask for my local license in which country I had finished the nursing program. Before leaving the Philippines, I decided to take the July 2012 NLE. I had to leave the country days after taking the exam and without waiting for the results to come out. I passed the board exam by grace and did my oath taking in LA and I requested for a Special Power of Attorney for my father who is back in the Phils to obtain my license. My ultimate question is, will PRC release my license even though I'm not physically present to do the initial registration which would require me to appear in front a PRC official and provide a signature? I need my local nursing license as it is a requirement by NJ's board of nursing.I think I would be asked to provide my local license NUMBER and other info upon filling out my CES report information. I badly need your answer so I could get started soon. Thank you for taking time in reading this!
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  3. by   yeszikring_07
    But I thought there is already a concurrency issue in NJ too? But I wonder if this is true. I hope not. Cause I just started my CES application yesterday?
  4. by   caitryn
    @yeszikring_07- What happened to your CES application? do they grant you to take the NCLEX exam ? I'm afraid also of the concurrency issue in NJ coz I want to be a nurse here.