i need some help with application for AHPRA

  1. hello, i am new here and i have some queries about about application form AGOS-40
    im an international nurse, recently passed IELTS , and completed a nursing conversion course (1year) in WA in 2011.

    1) the application asks me to" include evidence of continuing professional development as per the Board's Continuing professional registration standard,"
    i've downloaded the "Continuing professional registration standard"

    do i have to attach documents of self-directed CPD (including dates, description of the outcomes, and the number of hours spent in each activity)?...

    can anyone show me some examples .? bcos i 've got no any idea.

    2) do i have to say Yes for the following question?
    "do you commit to only practice the profession if you have appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place?"

    3) can anyone simplify this question for me?
    have you been or are you the subject of conduct, performance or health proceedings whilst registered under the National Law, a corresponding prior Act or the law of another jurisdiction in Australia or overseas, where those proceedings were not finalised?

    4) Agent authorisation
    i consent to this application being discussed with and relevant correspondence sent to:
    migration agent
    significant other

    : do i have to place X for these two boxes? or ???
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